Heavy and tired legs, swollen ankles, cramps. It is very often neglected that the first symptoms of a disease that we commonly live with varicose veins. While the impact of our lives certainly has a big impact on whether or not our bodies develop varicose veins, their main cause is often genetic. Sick lifestyle, physical inactivity, poor nutrition, or illness such as poorly functioning heart valves, venous thrombosis, are additional factors that increase the risk of developing varicose veins. How can we conclude that there is a risk in our body? Usually, it starts with the appearance of more and more arachnids on the legs. If you notice any symptoms that may indicate the onset of varicose veins, you will not be waiting. Start working!

How to work?

If the condition is not due to complications of such important organs as the heart or venous thrombosis, which require treatment under the supervision of a physician, we have at our disposal various measures that can counter the symptoms of varicose veins. Preparations to combat them will be as simple as the whole. In the majority of cases, we will meet with trustworthy preparations, but there is a risk that you will get a preparation that only wastes your time, money, and thus will worsen the condition of varicose veins. And we do not want that. One of the preparations we should delete at the beginning is Varikosette.

What is Varikosette?

Varikosette is one of those formulas that boast a versatile and miraculous action in the fight against varicose veins and the various symptoms associated with this condition. What happens if you immediately start using Varikosette? The “strength” of the preparation, thanks to its supposedly miraculous and unique composition, will effectively cure your varicose veins. But that’s not all! To make things sound more colorful, the producer also adds a description of the extraordinary care in the context of the skin of our legs.


Could not be otherwise. Varikosette is another product offered in a limited evaluation. What is its height? There is a discount of 50% of the official price, which goes up to 400 PLN. The first thing we did in preparation for this review of this cream is that we have reviewed the creams available on the market to fight the symptoms of varicose veins. What did we find? Prices range from a dozen to a maximum of just over 200 PLN for one of the best means. It is not the first time we will ask the question, where did the producer take the idea here for the amount of 400 PLN? Everything points to the fact that the offer was prepared to simply impress our emotions. Nothing is able to confirm the source of the product, and only when the case justifies the price of this cream Varikosette. How much can you buy it now? The current amount is PLN 200.

What does the Varikosette cream contain?

Trioerutin, chestnut, birch, three essential oils: lemon, soybean, coconut, absinthe, camomile menthol, nettle and caffeine, honey, ginkgo biloba. How does the manufacturer justify their action? Troxerutin is a component that affects the feeling of heavy and tired legs by eliminating these symptoms. At the same time, it also alleviates edema and inflammation, and also reduces blood vessel permeability and is associated with increased endurance. The chestnut and birch leaves strengthen the walls of the blood vessels and regenerate their minor damage while helping to get rid of the pain and swelling in the legs. These three essential oils nourish the skin and reduce the amount of sweat secreted by the skin. Caffeine, honey and ginko biloba affect the metabolism of tissues, blood circulation, and regeneration of skin cells. Last but not least, absinthe, camomile, nettle and menthol, which the Varikosette cream manufacturer attributes to skin and leg refreshing, and regenerative microcirculation. Is it worth it to believe it? We would not mind trying to test Varikosette if it were not for a few problems.

What problems are you talking about?

The first of these is the administration of unknown data to 100% by the manufacturer. On the product page, not only will we not find any official information on its effectiveness, let alone the allegedly tested Varikosette creams. It’s worth bearing in mind that when faced with products advertised with passwords that are unrivaled, 100 percent effective and unusual, we most often come across something quite the opposite, which also results in a great disappointment.

Another problem is also the most common form of attempting to create product credibility, by posting unverified customer and expert opinions. Of course, we do not find a trace of objectivity, but the unambiguous content pointing to the unusual action of the Varikosette cream. You can still call it all. It is important to be aware of the fact that you never have to give false and unfathomable information. Always keep your head cool when you buy and let’s go to the business sensibly. But what strikes us the most? The fact that an order is required to provide a phone number and the obligation to answer the phone from the sales operator is unacceptable to us. Either the company treats its consumers seriously and allows them to make purchases in a convenient way for them, or from the very beginning trying to find a way to earn money. Can anyone confirm that the phone number on the form will not cause us to incur significant costs from our network operator? Perhaps our number will then be shared with third parties who will also use our number in an unfair and illegal manner. The only thing that saves is the possibility of paying the order on receipt. But what about us, for which we can pay more than we plan, in case the worst assumptions are realized? I do not think any of us would want that. If you are looking for the best formulation and after consultation with the doctors, try out many preparations from the pharmacy you decide to buy Varikosette anyway, be careful. Our opinion, after all, deletes this leg vein cream from the list of preparations worth considering. We do not recommend you to buy Varikosette.

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