Goji berries are gaining popularity again. It is worth mentioning that Asian medicine has been using it for therapeutic purposes for more than 2000 years. So it is no wonder that it is gaining confidence among the growing number of manufacturers of medical preparations. Asians use goji berries mainly because of their appreciation of their therapeutic effect in rheumatism, a decrease in immunity. According to research into superfood foods, fruits are also attributed to the ability to influence the regulation of blood pressure, heart, and even cholesterol or blood sugar levels.

Due to the growing popularity of goji berries on the market there are further preparations containing them in the composition. Some time ago we reviewed one of the products worth our attention. Today we would like to draw attention to one of the preparations to be followed. Talk about Gojiberrygold here.

What is Gojiberrygold?

According to the manufacturer Gojiberrygold is nothing but an innovative solution to help slimming process. This effect is attributed to the preparation only on the basis of the content of the fruit at a concentration of 5: 1. Moreover, the producer lets himself call his product a natural “afterburner”.

How does Gojiberrygold work?

Using all the attributes of goji fruit, Gojiberrygold not only promotes the weight loss process, but also prevents the yo-yo effect. We know that this effect is the biggest problem for people who want to get rid of unnecessary kilograms. Rapid weight loss very often creates the risk of the effect in the body, resulting in almost immediate weight loss in the same or more. Anyone who is dealing with this problem knows how drastic and disorienting it may be when it comes to struggling with weight loss. Gojiberrygold is said to help prevent the yo-yo effect, so customers can enjoy only the positive effects of the process of getting rid of excess pounds. The effect of Gojiberrygold, which is also emphasized by the manufacturer, is also a positive effect on lowering blood sugar levels and harmful LDL cholesterol.


In case of composition, we also rely only on information and guarantees from the manufacturer. According to him in the composition are only ingredients derived from natural sources, ie extract from Goji berry. The daily serving of Gojiberrygold is as much as 800 milligrams of extract from these fruits. Moreover, it is worth adding that the preparation is safe for many people who do not consume gluten and lactose. We will not find in it genetically modified ingredients.


One pack of Gojiberrygold contains 100 tablets, which should last you for 50 days, which is more than a month. For one package of product we will pay 99 PLN. For three and six, because in such configurations we can buy Gojiberrygold, we will pay PLN 198 and PLN 290 respectively. The manufacturer offers the possibility to charge orders at the receipt for a surcharge of 1 zloty. If we decide to pay the order in advance, we do not have to pay any additional costs.

How to use Gojiberrygold?

In the indications for use we will find information on taking two capsules daily in a day. It is important to drink plenty of water after swallowing.

Expert opinions and consumers

Positive feedback on the Gojiberrygold product is certainly not lacking. Unfortunately, these are not opinions that could in any way be considered authentic and confirmed. The opinions of products sold only through the Internet are different. In one case, we can count on quite precise data, which allows us to control the reality of the manufacturer, the product, or just posted comments. On the other hand we will not find any information that could feed us, though with a bit of certainty. Gojiberrygold is unfortunately a product we can not tell you anything about. Any comments made about it are only provided by the manufacturer, and also not necessarily certain as to the authenticity of the comments. Let’s take a closer look at their content.

Through the official website of the product we are dealing with an expert assessment in the form of a nutritionist with many years of experience. According to him, dietetic treatment with Gojiberry is the best solution for people struggling not only with weight loss but primarily with persistent yo-yo effect. This dietary supplement confirms the effectiveness of the product in the form of a slim silhouette of customers. Furthermore, the expert also confirms positive effects on other health aspects such as adequate blood sugar levels and even a reduced LDL cholesterol level. The only problem is, as we have already mentioned, the authenticity of this assessment. Only a barely legible signature can be found at the expert’s text, which at the same time tries to create an impression of high opinion. It is worth noting that the signature is specially designed so that none of us are fully able to judge who actually signed it.

What about customer ratings?

Of course, on the site we will find only those positive. Customers are weight reduction, fat reduction, and even stabilize blood pressure or reduce the level of bad cholesterol. The problem, however, is that there is really no evidence of this. In addition to the ancient backdrop of Asian tradition, we have no medical confirmation of any of the activities of Gojiberrygold. Another issue is the fact that there are various medicines for particular ailments. For hypertension, wrong cholesterol levels, or sugar, use specially designed medications that not only require daily use but also visits and medical checkups. There are no grounds, therefore, to argue that the preparation may, to the slightest extent, replace the use of professionally prescribed drugs.

What is our opinion?

As usual, confronting all the available reviews, reviews, and basic facts from the medical world, unfortunately, we can not stand on the side of the manufacturer of Gojiberrygold. Therefore, unfortunately, we can not recognize it as a product worth both our state and ours. We do not recommend you to experiment with preparations of unknown origin. Not only that, it may affect later problems with your health, but it can also contribute to unnecessary expenses. We do not recommend Gojiberrygold product.

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