For many of us, the problem of gaining weight is a huge hassle in every day. We certainly dream of making the weight loss process as easy as collecting unnecessary pounds. Unfortunately, the matter looks a bit more complicated and getting rid of the accumulated excess of mass requires a lot of effort from us.

In addition to the enormous sacrifices devoted to our organist methods of cutting down on food and eating, we also deal with a variety of diets. At the same time, it is also very important to exercise such physical activity such as a visit to the gym, swimming pool or gaining huge popularity in the last years of running and biking. There is a single group of people who, despite dieting, still struggle to cope with gaining weight. There are many other forms of coping with overweight or obesity. Beginning with the use of various supplements, ending with surgery in the worst cases of obesity. For the most part, however, it is sufficient to use proper medications that help with weight loss. One such formulation is Burneo.

What is Burneo?

Burneo is a slimming formula designed for both women and men. Its action contributes to the burning of fat in the body without the use of methods requiring heavy physical effort. If you are not able to handle a strictly defined diet, you do not want to go beyond your sports capabilities or simply do not have enough time for the weight loss process to bring you satisfactory results, Burneo is for you.

How does Burneo work?

Burneo’s basic premise was to achieve effective performance by taking it in four steps. What are the stages? The first is the preventive action against fat deposition in our body. The next step is to break up the fat cells, accelerate the metabolism of the body, and also accustomed to gain energy from the already stored fat. Why so? In order to clarify, one should look at each step closely.

Let’s start with the action of Burneo against the accumulation of fat. We know that the natural tendency of the body is to accumulate stocks that accumulate in our body as fat cells. To prevent weight gain, Burneo is designed to prevent this process by treating two components: green tea and bitter orange. What is the action? Green tea is responsible for controlling our appetite by reducing it. At the same time, it also affects the absorption of fats. When it comes to bitter orange, it is responsible for blocking the tendency of the body to cover up fat stores. The effect is further supported by caffeine, antioxidants, phenolic compounds and chlorogenic acid, which not only accelerate the fat burning process but also characterize rejuvenation.

Moving on to the next step – “breaking up fat”, here comes the Burneo-initiated fat burning process in mitochondria. How does it work? Burneo helps in the process of breaking up the fat and directing it in the right direction, where it can then be processed.

In the next step, it is important to note the seriousness of the Burneo L-tyrosine product. What is it? This is an amino acid responsible for helping in the synthesis of various hormones, from which we should distinguish the most interesting for us, ghrelin hormone, also called satiety hormone. The effects of L-tyrosine affect the activity of the thyroid gland, which controls the processes of deposition of adipose tissue. L-tyrosine is, therefore, an essential amino acid that guarantees proper metabolism of the body. Its important action in the context of the efficacy of Burneo should also be accompanied by an effect on appetite reduction and, consequently, a reduction in the caloric intake we consume, which immediately translates into weight control and reduction.

In the fourth stage, we will return slightly to the beginning where we mentioned the tendency of human organs to accumulate stocks. Usually, the organism only uses it when there is a shortage of substances from other sources of energy. It is necessary to stimulate the beta-3 receptors to stimulate it from follicular cells. They are located in fat cells. Where does the body know when to start using additional sources? To make that decision, it is necessary to stimulate these beta-3 receptors through hormones responsible for rapid energy metabolism. However, to induce hormones to stimulate the need for physical exertion or a long hunger, where both of the ways very often turn out to be simply unreachable by the unwanted weight loss. By encouraging these people, Burneo activates the hormones that trigger the fat burning process. As a result, we can enjoy the positive effects of weight loss with Burneo.

Burneo formula

The specially prepared formula, which the manufacturer praises consist of two extracted, which are called Foodcraving Control and Fire Burner-6. Foodcraving Control is a formula that contains one of the most important ingredients of Burneo-L-tyrosine, whose antioxidant activity, cleansing and has a positive effect on blood glucose control, has been described above. Fire Burner-6 is a formula that increases the body’s energy requirements, which stimulates it to take on the process of obtaining it, in this case from the burning of fats. The effect of caffeine, guarana seed extract, and black pepper, accelerates the metabolism of the body, while increasing its strength, and also taking care of the digestive system.

How to use Burneo and how much is one pack?

According to the manufacturer, Burneo uses 4 capsules daily, taking 1-2 capsules daily, for example, morning and evening. In the package, we find 60 capsules, which at the maximum daily dose is enough for 15 days.


The Burneo product is available in three configurations. We can buy it in one package with free shipping and payment via the internet, or receive, or take advantage of the additional promotion by purchasing one of the two remaining packages. The basic package, containing one package, costs $ 45. Packed with two packages paid + one free is already the equivalent of 318 PLN, and the most developed of them with 3 packs paid and 3 free, it costs already 477 PLN.

Safety, composition, returns

Burneo is also very professional in this regard. As far as security is concerned, there are no contraindications to it, except for a maximum of 4 capsules per day. With regard to composition, the manufacturer says about the guarantee of 100 percent of the originality of ingredients only by nature. So there is no question of any GMO products. The lactose and gluten-free products are not included in the product. For returns, the manufacturer includes a 90 day trial period during which you can make a refund of Burneo.

Customer reviews and experts

We were very surprised by the Burneo product because of the high level of expertise that was used to demonstrate Burneo’s performance. Speaking of Dr. Petra Russo, Professor Jonh Warwick, and the Food and Nutritionist Elisabeth Mushroom. All of them support the effectiveness of slimming supplements by supporting them not only with the study, but also with the test of Burneo on their own body. According to them, the preparation effect is attributed mainly to the appropriate proportion of components in it.

According to studies conducted on a group of 200 women and men, the study showed that 84% of the subjects were affected. After analyzing the test data, we were able to reach results that indicated an average decrease of 10 km in a month. It’s a lot. In addition, we learned that the first positive effects of Burneo’s actions are noticeable after the first five days of its initiation.

How did the whole study get consumers? According to them, the preparation worked very effectively and without taking additional actions, such as physical exercise. It is also worthwhile to add to the overall feeling of well being by the detoxification of the body by Burneo.

When dealing with the opinions of other consumers about the product, the site itself presents enough of them, which we dare claim to be authentic enough to take from them and ultimately produce their own opinion about Burneo. We did not meet any comments that would suggest no effect with Burneo.

In summary, the Burneo product is a very interesting item for all those trying to get rid of unnecessary pounds. Burneo seems to work really well, and after thoroughly analyzing all the available information we are in a position to state that it is also worth recommending.

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